Holidays & Events

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Environmental Holidays 2024

Important Environmental Dates And Events To Remember

World Wetlands Day02-02: February 2
International Polar Bear Day02-27: February 27
World Wildlife Day03-03: March 3
World Sparrow Day03-20: March 20
International Day of Forests03-21: March 21
World Water Day03-22: March 22
Earth Day04-22: April 22nd[1]
Arbor Day04: Last Friday in April (each state also has its own observation based on best tree planting time)
World Migratory Bird Daysecond Saturday in May
International Migratory Bird Daysecond Saturday in May (in the U.S. and Canada) and second Saturday in October (in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean)
International Day for Biological Diversity (World Biodiversity Day)05-22: May 22
Bike-to-Work Day05: Third Friday in May
World Environment Day06-05: June 5
World Oceans Day06-08: June 8
Coral Triangle Day06-09: June 9
Global Wind Day06-15: June 15
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought06-17: June 17
World Population Day07-11: July 11
International Tiger Day07-29: July 29
World Elephant Day08-12: August 12
National Honey Bee Day08-22: August 22
World Cleanup Day 201808: September 8, 2018
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer09-16: September 16
World Water Monitoring Day09-18: September 18
Car Free Day09-22: September 22
World Habitat Day10: first Monday in October
International Day of Climate Action10-24: October 24
International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict11-06: November 6
World Soil Day12-05: December 5

      December – Look for an Evergreen Month

      • This is not an official holiday. I really just made it up.
      • We cut down thousands and thousands of evergreens each year to decorate our homes. Then they get discarded.
        • Yes, some are used to curb erosion, but it isn’t a significant amount.
      • Instead of buying or cutting down a tree that you will discard, how about buying a tree you can replant or give to someone who will replant it.
      • Every time I see the huge Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center I think, how awful that a tree that lived that long and grew that beautifully is killed for no good purpose other than to be adorned with lights and then discarded at the end of a holiday.
      • Instead of being revered for its age and beauty, the tree was killed. It doesn’t make sense. An artificial tree could do the same job and be just as beautiful. Think about an artificial tree this season or a tree that can be replanted.